Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jake Paul Turns Down Offer To Train With ‘Bum’ John Kavanagh

Jake Paul won’t be training with Conor McGregor anytime soon.

Jake Paul has been teasing a move to MMA over the last several months. The YouTube star-turned boxer has made himself one of the most popular fighters on the planet in just a few short years. He has been making a name for himself boxing former UFC and MMA stars in the squared circle.

Taking on MMA fighters out of their habitat has led to many calling for Paul to make the leap the other way. Paul seems to be toying with the idea of training in MMA and taking a fight in the cage, but where would he train?

Since teasing the idea, several notorious MMA gyms around the globe have offered to open their doors for Paul, including SBG gym in Ireland. That is the home gym to Conor McGregor and is led by head coach John Kavanagh. He recently offered to allow Paul access to the gym as told to The Mirror. Paul got wind of this and made it clear he would not be following up on the offer.

“I don’t train with losers,” Paul told Mirror. “So as nice and respectful as that is, coach Kavanagh you can suck my nuts. And Conor McGregor, you can suck my butthole because I don’t train with losers like that, this guy hasn’t won a fight so why would I want his bum a** coach teaching me?”

It makes sense that Paul would not want to train alongside McGregor since he has been looking to face the former UFC duel champion in both boxing and MMA and has been trash-talking him for months. There is still no confirmation on if and when Paul will actually debut in MMA, however, although he has received interest from Bellator MMA.

Where would you like to see Jake Paul beginning his MMA training?

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