Friday, May 20, 2022

Joey Beltran Saved By BKFC Prez During Pre-Fight Choking Incident

Bare Knuckle FC president David Feldman came to the rescue of heavyweight Joey Beltran, as he was choking on a pre-fight meal.

Beltran was just hours away from his matchup with Frank Tate at a BKFC Fight Night in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Thursday when a routine pre-fight breakfast turned into a near disaster.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Beltran revealed that his near-death began after watching a video on the internet with a member of his team.

“An old-school Fear Factor video or something and I started laughing. Next thing you know, I started choking,” Beltran said. “Of all people, the boss man had to come up and bust a Heimlich. Couple of pumps and I spit it out and I was all good.

“So, contrary to popular people, David Feldman cares about us fighters!”

Unfortunately for Beltran, he would go on to lose to Tate in a 23-second knockout later that night. However, fighting was likely one of the last things on his mind after Feldman saved his life.

Beltran, a former UFC and Bellator fighter made the transition from MMA to bare-knuckle boxing in 2018. During his time in the UFC and Bellator, he competed against top fighters such as former UFC champion Stipe Miocic and Rampage Jackson.

What is your reaction to this crazy story involving BKFC heavyweight Joey Beltran?

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