Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Khamzat Chimaev Reveals His Pick For UFC P4P King

Khamzat Chimaev is making his vote for P4P king known.

Khamzat Chimaev has been turning heads ever since he burst onto the UFC scene back in 2020. In a very short time, he has worked his way up the welterweight rankings and has now secured a fight with the number two man in the division. With a win over Gilbert Burns at UFC 273, Chimaev could be setting himself up for a title fight against Kamaru Usman.

During media day, Chimaev was asked if he thought Usman was the pound-for-pound king in the UFC, to which Chimaev sets the record straight on who gets his vote.

“I don’t think so because when Jon Jones still here, nobody (else) can be pound for pound,” he explained. “I don’t think so. Who make that pound-for-pound shit? Jon Jones is one of the best guys in this game. Nobody like him.”

Chimaev has been vocal about his respect for Jones in the past. He has even mentioned a desire to train with the former light heavyweight champion. Chimaev has been making friends with fellow fighters and seems to be eager to learn from those who have come before him. He recently struck up a friendship with Darren Till and that friendship has become a welcome bit of fun news to fans.

Chimaev’s admiration of Jones recently came through as support following Jones’ recent legal troubles. In his disapproval of Usman as pound-for-pound best, Chimaev could be setting the scene for some interesting trash talk if the two ever get the chance to fight.

Jones has been out of competition for some time and although he has been teasing a return to the UFC, a date for the return at heavyweight has not been set.

Do you agree with Chimaev that Jon Jones is still pound-for-pound king?

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