Saturday, May 28, 2022

Logan Paul Calls Jake’s Callout Of Bisping ‘Silly’ & A ‘Waste of Breath’

Logan Paul is not on the Jake Paul vs. Michael Bisping bandwagon.

The Paul brothers have been making names for themselves in the boxing world. While Logan has been in only three boxing matches, one against Floyd Mayweather, Jake is making his way by fighting former UFC fighters. He is getting a sort of reputation for facing former UFC fighters and it seems he has a new one in his sights.

Jake Paul recently began a Twitter feud with former UFC champion, now retired fighter Michael Bisping. The two have been throwing verbal shots at one another and could be inching towards an actual fight. Big brother Logan is not on board with this matchup and thinks Jake should be looking elsewhere.

“I felt like that was silly,” Logan said on the ImPaulsive podcast via Irish Mirror. “I wish I would have advised Jake not to do that. It was just a waste of breath. I wish I probably could have told him to not [call Bisping out].”

Bisping last fought in the UFC back in 2017 when he was defeated by Kelvin Gastelum by KO. Since his retirement, Bisping has been doing commentary for the UFC, acting, and hosting his own podcast.

Video - Michael Bisping on True Geordie Podcast
Michael Bisping

Bisping has had issues with his eyes for a long time and as a result of this, it could be difficult for him to get a license to fight again.

There have also been rumblings of a potential bout between Paul and another ex-UFC fighter: Anderson Silva. Paul spoke about Silva as a potential opponent for his brother.

“Let him [Jake] get a little better, cause Anderson boxes and has boxed for over a decade,” Paul said.

Silva is a former UFC champion who is now trying his hand at boxing. He is now 3-1 as a professional boxer and he even has a win over former world titleholder Julio César Chávez Jr. back in 2021.

Are you interested in a potential fight between Jake Paul and Michael Bisping?

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