Monday, May 16, 2022

Luque: If I Wanted To Be Rewarded For Results, I Wouldn’t Be In UFC

Vicente Luque is being realistic about his UFC career.

The UFC welterweight division is full of talented athletes, many of whom may be very close to a title shot. However, one man who only has one win at 170 pounds may be swooping in to take a shot at the champion. That man is Conor McGregor.

McGregor recently announced that he would like to return to the welterweight division and feels he deserves an immediate title shot. McGregor is the most famous fighter on the roster and in the past has been known to get exactly what he wants.

To the rest of the welterweights that have been putting in the work, McGregor jumping the line is unfair. Luque feels that McGregor inserting himself in the title picture doesn’t make sense, but he is also realistic about how these things world in the UFC.

“That’s the thing. MMA is not only a sport. It’s entertainment. And there’s nothing we can do about it,” Luque to The Allstar. “If I wanted to be in a system where there would be rankings and I would be rewarded for my results, I would be an Olympic athlete and I would fight in another sport. In this sport, we’ve gotta entertain.

Luque has four wins in a row against top welterweight talent. He is currently sitting in the number five spot in the rankings and could be up for a title shot soon. He is doing what he can to make his way up the ranks but could continue to be passed over.

“The way I can do it is by fighting my ass off and putting on good fights,” he explained. “Eventually, (I’ll) be interesting enough to be the guy to fight for the title. I know that I’m gonna sell pay-per-views just by my style. But other guys are gonna do it by talking. So, it’s not something that I get mad about. I understand. Whenever they decide to do that, I’ll fight more and I’ll put on better shows, and I’ll knock guys out… That’s just gonna move my worth up.”

With McGregor sniffing around a title shot, another option is more likely. Dana White has announced that it will be Leon Edwards who is slated to be next for champion Kamaru Usman. Perhaps Luque can hold off McGregor from cutting in and secure his shot against the winner of Usman vs. Edwards.

Luque has a bout against Belal Muhammad tonight at UFC Vegas 51 and, with a win, could have a chance at cutting the line himself.

Do you think Vicente Luque would deserve a title shot with a victory over Belal Muhammad tonight at UFC Vegas 51?

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