Monday, May 16, 2022

Man Brutally Murders Teenager While “Play” MMA Fighting

Kevin Murray, 34, gruesomely murdered Kirk Allan, 19, then sent a video to his friends to showcase what he did.

In July of 2020, police found Allan’s body on the floor of Murray’s home in Helensburgh, Argyll, Scotland after friends reported his horrific crime. Murray struck Allan with a meat cleaver, then proceeded to choke, pepper spray, and bound and blindfold the teenager.

After murdering Allan, Murray recorded and sent an unnerving 45-second Snapchat video to a few contacts at approximately 5:10 am. Appalled by the footage, one person immediately called the police.

Photo of murdered 19-year-old Kirk Allan

The authorities found Murray walking near his home at around 6:30 am. They confiscated his cellphone and found a black-handled meat cleaver on his person.

According to officials, Murray was calm when approached, explained the video, and mentioned he used pepper spray.

“PC Ross Easton told the trial: “We asked: ‘Who is that?’. He said: ‘That’s Kirk Allan. We were MMA play-fighting and things got out of hand’.” (via Planet Radio)

A friend of Allan’s reported he showed up at her place with Murray, who was strangely wearing a balaclava, hours before the killing. Upon removing the mask, the friend was unsure if Allan should hang around him, as the “evil” expression on his face made her uneasy.

Friends who were sent the video were mortified and upset. And those emotions returned during the trial in which the video was replayed.

Blunt force head trauma and asphyxia were the cause of Allan’s death.

Judge Lady Stacey of the High Court in Glasgow sentenced Murray to a minimum of 19 years in prison. In a previous hearing, he supposedly tried to plead guilty to the reduced accusation of culpable homicide.

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