Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Mark Coleman Announces He’s Achieved One Year Of Sobriety

UFC legend Mark Coleman has been sober for one year, as he announced on his social media on Friday.

Coleman officially retired in 2013 after revealing that he had dealt with a series of health issues. His last fight came against former UFC champion Randy Couture at UFC 109, losing via second-round submission.

Coleman remains a massive part of the UFC community and also coaches various fighters in the cage. However, one of his most important achievements recently came outside of MMA.

In a recent tweet, Coleman shared an incredible out of the Octagon achievement with his fans.

“1year sober as f***,” Coleman announced. “One year ago today I was getting my ass wupped bad in the hospital I didn’t tap I got help. You can too! Rehabilitation does happen. HammerHouse4Life.”

Coleman is regarded as one of the main pioneers of MMA’s growth around the world. He won the UFC’s first-ever heavyweight title with a victory over Dan Severn at UFC 12 on Feb. 7, 1997.

In addition to his UFC accolades, Coleman also enjoyed a successful tenure in PRIDE during the prime of his career. He earned wins over the likes of Don Frye and Shogun Rua and also competed against Fedor Emelianenko twice.

Fans have been concerned with Coleman and his health since a heart attack he had in 2020. After making a full recovery from the scare, he appears in great shape despite being 57 years old.

What is your favorite memory from Mark Coleman’s UFC career?

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