Thursday, May 19, 2022

Michael Bisping To Jake Paul: “Beating You Up Sounds Like Fun”

Michael Bisping is more than willing to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match.

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping has gone on the record in calling both Logan and Jake Paul cowards. His reason? The brothers’ habit of only challenging fighters who are smaller than them.

Shortly after this criticism, Bisping himself made Jake Paul’s hitlist of next opponents. After Bisping responded on social media to his placement on Paul’s list, the YouTuber went into specifics, offering Bisping $1 million for the potential bout if the Englishman is able to get licensed for the bout.

Though Bisping did not respond directly to the $1 million offer, he did have a mouthful to say about the prospect of boxing Paul.

“Do I want to fight Jake Paul? Listen, I had a great career,” Bisping said. “I’m very happy with what I accomplished. I’m happily retired. I’m very, very happily retired, but I do miss the thrill of competition. And I don’t see Jake Paul as necessarily a threat. I retired from fighting because I only had one eye and I didn’t want to risk my other eye. And boxing, the bigger gloves, against Jake Paul, again, I don’t really see him as a threat.

Jake Paul, Michael Bisping
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“So Jake Paul, beating you up sounds like fun. Of course, you are a big star. And God bless, well done to you. I’m not hating. You’ve done great things, all jokes aside…you’ve done great, you’re earning a lot of money, you’re a big star, you’re getting a lot of pay-per-views. And so for that reason, I probably would. I probably would. But we’ve been there before.”

Bisping would then open up about the stalled negotiations between himself and Paul in the past. Bisping claims that he and Paul had agreed to fight, but Paul’s manager neglected to respond after Bisping expressed his interest in the bout.

Now 43 years old and out of athletic competition for five years, Bisping admits to not being overly enthused at the idea of competing again. Yet, the lucrativeness of a potential bout against Paul mixed with the anticipated high public interest is enough to get “The Count” back in the gym and ultimately in the squared circle opposite “The Problem Child.”

“Jake, if you want to throw down, if you want to step in the squared circle with me, I’ll oblige. I will oblige. I’ll do it,” Bisping said. “It sounds like fun. It gives me a reason to train, to get in shape. Give me a few months <slaps belly> lose a couple of pounds, and let’s go, baby! No problem.”

Would you have any interest in watching Jake Paul vs. Michael Bisping?

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