Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tyson Says Ngannou’s UFC 270 Pay Would’ve Only Covered His Training

Mike Tyson isn’t impressed with Francis Ngannou‘s salary for his UFC 270 title defense against Ciryl Gane.

Last week, Tyson was doing a podcast episode of Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson with Israel Adesanya when the UFC‘s middleweight champion shouted out Ngannou for being vocal on fighter pay.

“Shout out to my boy, my big brother Francis, he kicked the door down and said ‘Look, this is what’s happening,” Adesanya said (via TheSun). “They’re paying me this much and I’m this guy’. He put it all out there. Mike, imagine at the height of your career, you’re fighting and you’re getting paid the equivalent of $600k to fight. That would be atrocious.”

After Adesanya revealed Ngannou only made $600k for his title fight, Mike Tyson didn’t like that. For the former boxing heavyweight champion of the world, he says when he was boxing, $600k was the cost of his training camp to prepare for his fights.

Francis Ngannou and Herb Dean
Francis Ngannou, Photo Credit: Getty Images

“Listen, that’d be my training expenses,” Tyson said. “That’s my training expenses. People would pay me to do commercials and stuff and I would make sure they paid me in advance but I might not show up or something.”

As for Israel Adesanya, he says the UFC needs to pay fighters enough money that they don’t need a second job. If that happens, they would be able to just focus on training and fighting, thus making the fights more high-level.

“The guys who are making their debut they should be able to just get paid, and then not have to work at all during their training camp,” Adesanya said. “Because a lot of fighters do. They work. Imagine having a second job. Get paid, pay management, pay training expenses, then have enough to live off of.”

As of right now, Francis Ngannou has not resolved his contract negotiation and is rehabbing his knee following surgery.

What do you make of Mike Tyson’s comments about Francis Ngannou’s UFC 270 pay?

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