Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Watch: Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Passenger During Flight

Video footage appears to show former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson in a physical altercation with a fellow plane passenger.

We’ve had Conor McGregor versus an elderly man in a pub, Jorge Masvidal versus Colby Covington outside a restaurant, McGregor (again) versus Machine Gun Kelly, and, guess what? McGregor (again, again…) versus an Italian DJ.

But today’s installment of combat athletes engaging in a public scrap has seen legendary former boxer Tyson versus an apparent troublemaker on a plane.

In two phone recordings obtained by TMZ, which have since gone viral on social media, we can see the development from Tyson seemingly being hassled by a fellow passenger during a Jet Blue flight, to Tyson dealing with said passenger with a fist that no sane man would want to get in the way of.

Check out the wild footage below:

In the aftermath of the incident, the man can be seen in his seat with visible cuts on one side of his face. Given that the man he interacted with was once regarded as “The Baddest Man On The Planet,” it’s probably safe to say he was fortunate to escape with just a few cuts.

Unsurprisingly, fighters, fans, and pundits alike have defended Tyson’s response, questioning what was going through the passenger’s mind when he seemingly chose to agitate the former undisputed world heavyweight champion.

The idea that provoking a combat sports athlete needs warning against is surprising, retired or otherwise. Nonetheless, today’s lesson is simple: don’t mess with “Iron Mike.”

What do you make of Mike Tyson’s response? Was he justified in physically striking the man?

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