Thursday, May 26, 2022

MMA Event Raises Funds For Man Fighting Coronavirus

Scranton MMA held an event on Saturday to raise money for an instructor’s son who is battling COVID-19.

On April 16, Scranton MMA in Pennsylvania, held an MMA event to raise funds for Michael Passaniti’s medical bills. Passaniti is the son of Dominic, a longtime instructor at the gym.

Over 90 fighters paid to compete in the jiu-jitsu event. One participant, Victoria Brousseau, is an MMA novice and finished the event in third place.

Scranton MMA co-owner, Tom McGuire, wants to help the Passiniti family in any way he can.

“He had a lot of medical bills, he’s been in Danville since Christmas, he just moved to another locator, so it’s real hard, real hard for him and his family.” (h/t Only Loudest)

The Passaniti family
The Passaniti family, via GoFundMe

Michael’s wife, Sherri, and their daughter, Aubrey, were also diagnosed with the virus. They were able to heal quickly from it, but Michael is still suffering in Danville State Hospital.

Passaniti has been fighting the coronavirus since December. His severe case has left him hospitalized and unable to move or speak.

For some time, doctors were unsure if there was anything more they could do for Passiniti. As it stands, a double lung transplant could be his last hope of recovery.

To make matters worse for the family, outside of Passaniti’s wife, no other friend or relative is allowed to visit him. Sherri ensures to video call the rest of the family every day that she sees him.

There were few glimpses of hope that Passiniti was healing. He was able to squeeze his wife’s hand on one occasion and at the end of January, he cracked a smile.

Currently, there is no update on Michael’s condition. However, Christine Baron started a campaign for donations where his wife gives as much information as possible.

If you would like to donate and help the Passiniti family in their time of need, please visit the GoFundMe page.

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