Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Graphic: MMA Fighter Snaps Opponent’s Arm At Cage Wars 52 Event

MMA fighter Jahliel Palmer picked up his first victory in a very gruesome way Friday night.

At Cage Wars 52, Palmer took on the debuting Cole Farasci. This amateur bout marked Farasci’s MMA debut and Palmer’s sophomore appearance. Palmer entered the bout with an 0-1 amateur record.

Towards the end of the first round, Farasci found himself in Palmer’s guard, and Palmer attacked Farasci’s arm in pursuit of a submission from his back.

Palmer was relentless in his arm lock submission attempt, but Farasci remained stubborn, refusing to tap out.

At one point, Farasci spat out his mouthpiece in pain as Palmer continued to apply pressure on the hold.

The commentators on duty speculated whether Palmer ultimately broke Farasci’s arm or if he tore out his shoulder. Either way, it was clear to everyone in attendance that it was all she wrote after the vicious technical submission victory for Palmer.

You can check out the finish of the bout below, followed by the replay. Warning, the following footage is very graphic in nature.

There is currently no word yet on Farasci’s health status. One thing is for certain, however. Mr. Palmer is not likely to ever forget his first MMA victory, nor is Farasci going to forget his very memorable debut in the sport.

What was your instant reaction to this graphic finish?

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