Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Former MMA Fighter Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend

Charlie Austin Costner, 27, was arrested on an attempted murder charge after assaulting his girlfriend.

On Monday night at around 11:15 pm in Lincolnton, North Carolina, police responded to a call from a woman claiming her boyfriend assaulted her. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found the caller on the porch of her home covered in blood.

After briefly describing the situation to the police, she was transferred to the hospital.

The victim claims her boyfriend was an MMA fighter. Reportedly, the attack began after a heated argument, in which Costner hit and choked her and left her unconscious.

When she recovered, she called the police but was unable to speak because her boyfriend’s hand was over her mouth.

It was made clear after searching the premises that the suspect, Costner, fled the scene. Thus, warrants were issued for his arrest on the basis of attempted murder.

Although Costner fled the scene when the police initially arrived, he was arrested on Tuesday, without incident, at the home where the assault took place.

He was transported to the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center without the privilege of bond. After his first court appearance at the Lincoln County District Court, the bond was reportedly set at $100k.

 Charlie Austin Costner
Charlie Austin Costner mug shot, Photo Credit: Lincoln County sheriff’s Department

At this time, Costner’s MMA record is not readily accessible on the internet.

What is your reaction to the case against Charlie Austin Costner?

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