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Namajunas Says Andrade’s UFC 237 Slam Cured Her Neck Problems

UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Rose Namajunas has revealed the benefit of being slammed on her neck by Jéssica Andrade. Yes, apparently there was one…

Namajunas is currently in the midst of her second reign on the 115-pound throne. Having won the belt from Zhang Weili last April and successfully defended it in a rematch with “Magnum” seven months later, “Thug Rose” will hope to add a second consecutive retention at UFC 274 next month, a feat she failed to achieve during her first stint with the gold.

When Namajunas faces Carla Esparza next weekend, she’ll be looking to avoid the same fate that became of her at UFC 237 in 2019.

After dethroning and defending against Joanna Jędrzejczyk, the 29-year-old’s second challenger came in the form of Andrade. In one of the most memorable title-changing finishes in UFC history, the Brazilian slammed her US counterpart on her neck, putting an end to the contest in the second round.

With the slam, Namajunas lost her title, suffered her fourth career defeat, and saw her three-fight win streak snapped. But it seems there was a silver lining…

Namajunas Thanks Andrade’s Healing Slam

During a recent appearance on Morning Kombat with Luke Thomas, Namajunas made a surprising, and medically mysterious, claim regarding her first bout with “Bate Estaca.”

Likely to the surprise of most, not only did “Thug Rose” confirm she escaped the brutal loss unscathed, but she actually did so with the relief of previous neck issues that she’d struggled with ahead of UFC 237.

“With Andrade, I mean, that was just a complete, total stripping away of any innocence as far as — I got slammed on my neck and then I got my nose broken second fight,” noted Namajunas. “The first fight was so different from the second fight. I didn’t really actually sustain any damage, even though I got like, KOed. Actually, the neck problems that I had went away after getting slammed on my neck, which is kinda weird. It was sort of a miracle for me. I came out of that fight unscathed basically.”

Namajunas went on to provide more detail on the neck problems that plagued her pre-fight. Astonishingly, the symptoms went away after she was viciously slammed on her neck inside the Octagon.

“I never thought about actually getting it checked out like, afterwards. But before, I had a fracture in my C6, and then I also had spinal stenosis,” said Namajunas. “It would like, make my arm feel weak sometimes, just lifting up my arm. I would get these terrible headaches and stuff. Sometimes if I’m wrestling a lot and grappling, my neck would be a little bit sore.

“I used to have to put my head in the ice bath backwards just cause my headaches would be so bad. And that was leading up to my first fight with her (Andrade)… Afterward, I experienced none of those symptoms anymore,” added Namajunas. “I should probably see if I still have those problems.”

There we have it. Got neck problems? Enter the cage with Andrade and receive a slam. We’re not sure doctors will be rushing to add that to their list of approved medical techniques…

Jéssica Andrade & Rose Namajunas
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – MAY 11: Jessica Andrade of Brazil attempts to slam Rose Namajunas of USA in their women’s strawweight championship bout during the UFC 237 event at Jeunesse Arena on May 11, 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)

What do you make of the effect that Jéssica Andrade’s slam had on Rose Namajunas’ neck problems?

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