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Neil Magny: Masvidal Made The Sport As A Whole Look Bad

UFC welterweight Neil Magny believes Jorge Masvidal gave the sport of MMA a bad image with his alleged attack on Colby Covington.

Masvidal committed an apparent assault on the former UFC interim welterweight champion just over a week ago with ‘Gamebred’ later arrested and charged following the alleged attack.

The incident occurred outside of Papi Steak restaurant on Miami Beach with Covington reportedly having called the police on Masvidal following a series of injuries suffered including a fracture to a front tooth.

UFC 272 hosted a main event between the pair, which saw Covington come out on top in their rivalry, which has since extended to outside of the Octagon. The 34-year-old Covington swept the scorecards that night in a unanimous decision win.

The pulse of MMA held nothing back on Masvidal following his arrest as he was struck with fans shaming the fighter, while other fans also took the opportunity to take aim at Covington for pressing charges.

Khabib Nurmagomedov appeared to be among those defending the actions of Masvidal in a statement released on his Twitter insisting UFC fighters boycott Covington.

Magny has now given his take on Masvidal’s alleged attack on Covington in an exclusive interview with MMA News’ James Lynch.

Magny: Masvidal Should Have Known Better

Jorge Masvidal Mugshot
Jorge Masvidal Mugshot

“That was just to me like taking a step in the other direction,” said Magny. “Here you have some athletes doing great things and then you get some nonsense like that take place kind of like makes the sport as a whole look bad. We’ve gotten so far away from like a bunch of meatheads just fighting in a cage era to being like elite athletes that are competing in a cage against one another. So for him to do something like that just takes it back to like the old school primitive days of MMA in my opinion.”

The #9 ranked UFC welterweight referenced Masvidal’s missed opportunity of failing to defeat Covington at UFC 272 when viewing his alleged attack outside the octagon as “distasteful”.

“I just think it was low, distasteful and it was low and I feel like Masvidal being where he is at and what he’s accomplished definitely should have known better and done better. The thing that makes it worse, too, he had an opportunity to fight Covington in a sanctioned fight for 25 minutes to do whatever you want. I get that man spoke about your family, I get that he said some inappropriate things to you but you had 25 minutes to settle your disputes. If you didn’t do it in that 25 minutes then that’s on you.”

You can view our full interview with Neil Magny below.

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