Friday, May 27, 2022

Oscar De La Hoya Being Sued For Alleged 2020 Sexual Assault

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya is the focus of a recently filed civil lawsuit stemming from two alleged sexual assaults in 2020.

The Los Angeles Times was among the first to report the lawsuit against De La Hoya.

De La Hoya allegedly sexually assaulted a woman during a March 2020 trip to Mexico to visit the Casa Mexico Tequila distillery. The woman claims that De La Hoya knocked on her hotel room door, exposed himself, and attempted to push his way into her bed.

De La Hoya was then walked to his room by the woman without incident, the woman alleges.

The next day, the woman attempted to wake up De La Hoya by knocking on his door after failing to show up for a tour of the distillery. The former boxer then allegedly pulled the woman into his room where he then sexually assaulted her.

The lawsuit also mentions a second incident that allegedly occurred immediately after the trip. According to the woman, she and a group of executives went to Oscar De La Hoya’s house for dinner.

According to the lawsuit, “At some point, when De La Hoya was alone with [the woman], he revealed and retrieved a sexual object from a stored collection in his house. Without [her] consent, De La Hoya forcibly inserted the sexual object into [her] body.”

De La Hoya and his legal team have yet to publically comment on the lawsuit. He is also accused of sexual harassment, retaliation, gender discrimination, and wrongful termination. She is also suing the Casa Mexico Tequila distillery, which was responsible for the trip.

The former boxing world champion was the target of a separate sexual assault lawsuit in 2019 stemming from a Nov. 2017 incident in Los Angeles, CA.

De La Hoya was supposed to face former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort, in his boxing return last year, before pulling out of the fight after testing positive for COVID-19. Earlier this year, he appeared to squash the possibility of fighting ever again.

De La Hoya hasn’t competed in boxing since his loss to Manny Pacquiao on Dec. 6, 2008.

What is your reaction to Oscar De La Hoya’s latest legal issues?

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