Wednesday, May 18, 2022

PFL Challenger Series Event Flagged For Suspicious Betting Activity

Sports bettors who placed bets on a recent Professional Fighters League event are under review after the league pre-taped fights.

The PFL‘s Challenger Series hosted a broadcast on April 1 on FuboTV, but the league later confirmed to a Las Vegas sports betting company that the fights took place on March 25.

Sportsbooks told ESPN that the incident is under review and bets haven’t been settled that stemmed from the event in question. FuboTV has also apologized after billing the April 1 broadcast as a live event.

Hours before the broadcast, heavyweight Rakim Talley’s odds swung from -290 to -2500 as bettors learned of the fight’s result. Talley won the fight via a unanimous decision over Santino Zurita.

Some bettors had winnings sent to their respective bank accounts directly following the PFL broadcast but the money transfers were later rescinded.

“Any sportsbooks that took bets on the prerecorded program did so without the consent or knowledge of the PFL,” PFL spokesman Loren Mack told ESPN.

It’s unclear why the PFL decided to pre-tape fights for the first time in the league’s history.

The 2022 PFL regular season will kick off on April 20, featuring defending lightweight champion Raush Manfio squaring off in the main event against Don Madge.

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