Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Pimblett Chops It Up With GSP About His Out-Of-Competition Diet

Paddy Pimblett is not exactly in fighting shape right now.

The rise of Paddy Pimblett might just be beginning in the UFC, but the fans are very interested in him. Since his debut in the organization last year, Pimblett’s stock has risen with him now having two wins and a great personality. It seems that people are interested in Pimblett’s every move, and he has begun to capitalize on that with a personal video series on YouTube.

In the most recent episode of this series, Pimblett was in attendance at the Cage Warrior event where he ran into Georges St-Pierre. During their interaction, the topic of Pimblett’s weight came up. St-Pierre asked Pimblett when his next fight would be, to which he answered as follows.

“I don’t know as you can see, I’m fat now. It’ll come back off, it’ll come back off,” Pimbeltt explained of his weight gain. (h/t Lowkickmma.com.)

Pimbeltt has had a reputation for gaining a large amount of weight between fights. Despite his fluctuation, he has not had a hard time making weight when the time comes. St-Pierre didn’t seem to think it was an issue either. St-Pierre said he was young and would not have an issue sending the pounds.

“Well, at the minute I’m fat,” he explained. “At the minute I’m like 200lbs. Well, I’m starting to get it back down. An excess of eating (is what caused it), I was eating like 10,000 calories in a day. Lots of pancakes with syrup and Nutella.”

Pimblett fights in the lightweight division at 155 pounds. His last fight was on March 19, just one month before this video was shot. Although Pimblett’s next date for a UFC return is not set, he mentioned in the video he is eyeing June or July.

What do you think of Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett’s weight gain post-fight?

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