Friday, May 27, 2022

No, UFC’s Raquel Pennington Did Not Hit Amber Heard

UFC bantamweight Raquel Pennington has come forward to clear the air about false reports that she struck actress Amber Heard.

One of the top stories circulating the media at the moment is the ongoing defamation lawsuit against Heard by Johnny Depp. During the proceedings, an alleged incident was disclosed regarding the actress being struck by Raquel “Rocky” Pennington.

Dr. Shannon Curry took to the court to testify having studied Heard in 2021, diagnosing her with borderline personality disorder as well as a histrionic personality disorder.

The court heard Dr. Curry explain how the disorders can cause a person to lash out when their needs aren’t met, which in this case allegedly caused Heard to lash out at “Raquel Pennington.”

Dr. Curry explained the symptoms which saw her diagnose the 36-year-old with the disorders.

“To claim being non-judgemental but really be full of a lot of rage; a lot of inner anger and blame — which can explode out at times; passive-aggressive behavior and self-indulgent and self-centered behavior; manipulative; needy, and seeking approval.

“Being highly socially sophisticated, with a capacity to reveal some of their own faults but only the smaller ones that are socially acceptable,” said Dr. Curry.

Heard’s legal team then claimed that Pennington had also hit Heard in retaliation, protesting that the abuse had gone both ways in the friendship.

Some media outlets then ran with these statements and reported that it was the UFC’s own Raquel Pennington who was being referenced. Last week, the former title challenger set the record straight.

“I love how I’m getting drug into this Johnny Depp trial and idk any of those people…get your Facts together ppl. There are more Raquel Penningtons in the world,” Pennington posted.

The Raquel Pennington in question is an ex-friend and ex-neighbor of Heard who works as a craft jeweler.

The court case from which this story comes is Depp suing Heard for libel for “at least” $50 million over an opinion column that the actress wrote on her history of suffering from domestic abuse. The piece that was posted in the Washington Post in 2018 didn’t feature Depp’s name, yet he’s claiming that the article abruptly ended his acting career in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Heard herself is countersuing him for $100 million claiming that the actor looked to smear her name in an attempt to derail her own career.

As she herself pointed out, the UFC’s Raquel Pennington has nothing to do with this case. She is far too busy getting W’s, including in her last four outings, most recently over Aspen Ladd at UFC 273.

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