Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Rockhold Accuses Costa Of Steroid Use In Diatribe, Costa Responds

Luke Rockhold and Paulo Costa have ignited a feud.

Luke Rockhold has been throwing some accusations Paulo Costa’s way. Rockhold is ruffling Costa’s feathers in hopes of getting a fight with the Brazilian. Rockhold has not fought in the UFC since 2019, and now after a short retirement, is ready to return to action.

Costa is also without a fight lined up. And now that a battle of words has begun with Rockhold, a potential bout between them could be gaining traction.

“I think he’s looking for a way out and I think I can find it,” Rockhold said of Costa on The MMA Hour via MMA Mania. “I think he’s making excuses left and right. He’s missed weight twice for that fight and he’s making excuses on not contractually agreeing to this fight because of the weight issues that they’re placing upon him. (h/t MMA Mania)

“So within all these rules, it’s like alright, you don’t want to make weight, you want to make excuses. You’re just a f—king b—ch when it comes down to it. Your steroids aren’t working anymore and you got caught up. You’re looking for a way out. He’s always needed distance in whatever ways and it’s obvious. So f—king show up and show out. Let’s f—king go.”

Costa’s last bout was a light heavyweight bout against Marvin Vettori. The bout was moved to 205 pounds last minute when it was clear that Costa would not make the middleweight limit. This is the missed weight that Rockhold was referring to in the interview.

However, that isn’t stopping him from looking for a fight with Costa anyway. Costa however didn’t just stand idly by and take these shots by Rockhold. Instead, he responded on Twitter by referencing Rockhold’s 2013 KO loss to Vitor Belfort.

“I suspect in RockhOLD minds all big Brazilian is on steroids,” Costa wrote. “Maybe he has bad memories about it.”

“After this shits Luke Rockhold said, I will reveal a curiosity . Vitor is my dad and it happened when him and my young and sexy mom gets in romance on Rio de Gerais, Brazil. Now everyone knows. That’s what when he bring me to UFC the staff called me Baby Vitor.”

Both men are without a fight currently and if social media feuds are any indication of future fight books, which they oftentimes are, these two could be signing papers soon.

Would you like to see a matchup between Luke Rockhold and Paulo Costa?

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