Thursday, May 19, 2022

Chael Sonnen: Michael Bisping Would Be Jake Paul’s First “Partner”

Chael Sonnen is all for the ongoing rivalry between former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul reaching the squared circle.

It’s been four months since Paul last entered the ring. In what was his fifth professional outing, “The Problem Child” recorded a second victory over Tyron Woodley, this time via knockout.

While talk of a return has been fairly absent so far this year, largely due to Paul’s promotion of boxing champion Amanda Serrano, discourse surrounding his own career has once again hit the mainstream thanks to his recently released hit list.

Among the present names were boxing greats Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya, as well as UFC legend Anderson Silva. But it was the mention of another former MMA champion that has since garnered the most attention.

Responding to his inclusion on Paul’s list, Bisping admitted that while he’s “happily retired,” he does miss the thrill of competing and doesn’t see Paul as a threat, comments which have seemingly opened the door for a potential collision with the 25-year-old, who has since encouraged “The Count” to get licensed for a fight.

On the face of it, a clash with Bisping would represent a fourth bout against a veteran mixed martial artist. While Askren and Bisping are both retired, Woodley had been released from the UFC prior to his bouts with Paul after four straight losses inside the Octagon.

However, in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, former two-division title challenger Chael Sonnen explained why Bisping would represent something different for the online star.

“He’s never had anybody that will match him. Jake has had nothing but opponents. He has yet to have a partner,” suggested Sonnen. “I don’t think that Jake understands how helpful life can be, and how much easier this world of navigating promotion (can be with a partner)… He’s only had opponents, he’s never had a partner. You get in bed with Michael Bisping, you got a partner, and you got a partner who will outshine you at every chance that he gets.

“With Michael Bisping comes a country… There’s some guys that you can mess with. There’s some guys you can pick on. Michael Bisping is not in that bucket,” claimed Sonnen. “He’s in the category of, ‘Don’t F with that guy, unless you want to get into it…’ I know that he spars, I know that he’s in shape. He does not fall into the category of ‘former world champion, ex-fighter.'”

Not only does Sonnen expect Bisping to offer the ability to match Paul in terms of promotion, but he also backed the Englishman physically.

Sonnen Speaks On Bisping’s Physical Shape

Despite being retired since his 2017 loss to Kelvin Gastelum, Bisping has kept in good shape, and routinely shares footage of his home training on his Instagram profile.

With that in mind, and having seen “The Count” maintain his workouts on the road, Sonnen doesn’t believe the former champ would have any issue returning to peak condition for a foray into the boxing ring.

“I never believed Bisping was retired… I don’t believe him… All of us former fighters look the same: fat, out of shape, depressed, lonely, bored… Well, not Bisping,” said Sonnen. “I work with Bisping, I travel the roads with Bisping. We will have early wake-up calls, 8 AM. You’re up by 6, you’re getting your suit on and you’re out in the car by 8 AM… Bisping’s already ran five miles. All the time. He will go in at night and sit in the sauna before he goes up to his room and goes to bed. I’m going, ‘Yeah, that’s not what somebody does.’

“Bisping’s still in the gym. I know that he’s running, I know that he’s going in saunas, I know he’s getting one workout in a day, and some two,” Sonnen continued. “When he gets home, he goes in and works with (Jason) Parillo… Six months ago, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold (sparred)… I’ve never believed that he’s done.”

How do you think a boxing match between Michael Bisping and Jake Paul would play out?

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