Tuesday, May 24, 2022

St-Pierre: Ngannou Has To Go Where He Will Be Paid His Worth

Georges St-Pierre has high praise for Francis Ngannou.

Georges St-Pierre knows good fighters when he sees them and he has been very impressed with Francis Ngannou. St-Pierre was asked about Ngannou in an interview with MMA Fighting, and the former UFC champion could not contain his awe of the heavyweight champion.

“Man, I’m so proud for him,” St-Pierre said. “I’m very happy. He worked so hard. If you read his bio, man, the guy crossed the ocean with a boat, and nobody could swim. The guy could’ve died. So, for him, the significance of fighting must be different, coming from that background. He’s got an incredible story. He made it. I’m so glad that he made it and now he deserves it, 100%… Life needs to pay him back. He worked too hard for this. He deserves it, more than anybody.”

Ngannou has been the heavyweight champion since March of last year, but his reign has been filled with some ups and downs. He was having some negotiation issues with the UFC during the last year.

Ngannou believes he deserves to be paid more and has even teased looking outside the UFC in search of a better opportunity. St-Pierre believes Nagnnou deserves better and is lending him a little advice.

“I’m telling him as a friend, like, (he) needs to get paid to his value. If he’s not satisfied with what the UFC gives him, go get your service somewhere else, where they’re going to pay you well,” he explained. “He’s not young, you know… He needs to get paid. He needs to go somewhere where he’s gonna be paid to what he’s worth. If the UFC are not ready to do this, now he has the power on his side. He can negotiate now because of his contract. I believe he’s in a very good position right now.”

St-Pierre knows from personal experience how to get the most out of his career. He retired from fighting for three years but returned for a one-time opportunity to make the best of his career. Ngannou may be out of competition for a bit as he recently underwent surgery to fix a lingering injury.

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