Saturday, May 28, 2022

UFC 273: Sterling Unchained?

Aljamain Sterling is looking to break free at UFC 273 in a feature presentation that showcases who is the best bantamweight in the world.

At UFC 259, Aljamain Sterling became the first fighter to win a UFC world title via disqualification after Yan landed an illegal knee to “The FunkMaster.” After reviewing his performance, Sterling’s critics thought he should have been awarded an Oscar instead of a championship.

Speaking of the Oscars, Sterling is expecting to not only outdo Petr Yan but also Oscar-winning actor Will Smith in terms of violence. But instead of slapping one target, he expects to figuratively slap the entire audience who have been harassing him for over an entire year.

Unlike Smith, who was originally intended to play the lead role in Django Unchained, Sterling is looking to create his own adaptation of the 2012 film when he goes on a physical rampage on Petr Yan and a psychological rampage on his haters.

“That’s the most frustrating part of this whole thing. It’s not being able to compete to shut these guys up,” Sterling told TMZ Sports about his inactive stretch due to health issues. “My analogy is that animal locked up in the zoo. You could do all these things—poke at it and throw all these things at it—but it can’t retaliate because it’s locked up. It’s chained up. So for me, those chains come free April 9th, and I get an opportunity to finally put my hands on this guy. And it’s gonna be so rewarding to see the shock in people’s eyes when I’m out there and I actually get to put my hands on him, and we can see who’s really who…

“When they lock that door, he’s gonna get Will Smith’d. I can tell you that. He’s gonna get Will Smith’d. And after that, it’s gonna be a lot worse than what Will did to Chris Rock. It’s gonna be a beatdown.”

Will Smith Chris Rock
Credit: AFP via Getty Images

UFC 273 takes place this Saturday, April 9, 2022, where we’ll see if Sterling’s vision of an unchained slaughter goes off without a hitch or if Petr Yan plays the role of the spoiler.

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