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Vicente Luque: Ian Garry Is A Future Champion In The Making

UFC welterweight Vicente Luque likes what he sees in Ian Garry and even believes the prospect is a future champion.

Garry is preparing to face Ian Weeks tonight at UFC 273 in his second appearance in the organization. The Irishman is set to headline the prelims in an opportunity to make a statement similar to the one he made in his UFC debut.

His debut came back in November of last year when the division’s champion Kamaru Usman settled his bad blood with Colby Covington for a second time at UFC 268.

That night, Garry scored a sensational knockout victory in a win that gave fans a glimpse of what is to come for the youngster in the UFC. Many drew comparisons between Garry and fellow countryman Conor McGregor following his debut and that a similar rise to prominence may be due for the 24-year-old.

Considering his age, potential and support behind Garry it’s hard to argue that the future isn’t bright for the former Cage Warriors champion.

His nickname ‘The Future’ even hints at what is to come around the corner for Garry in the welterweight division with his confidence levels at an all-time high.

Vicente Luque: Ian Garry Makes Things Look Easy

Ian Garry
Ian Garry

UFC welterweight contender Luque has trained with Garry at Sanford MMA and spoke highly of the prospect’s striking and future in the UFC. He told Marc Raimondi in an interview with ESPN MMA he sees the welterweight as a future champion.

“Ye I’ve trained with him, I was there in January and we got to train a lot and I think he’s a beast,” said Luque. “Man, he has been training I don’t know maybe for like four years something like that, he hasn’t been training for long and he’s looking great. He’s an unbelievable striker and man, I’m a striker myself and I look at him, he makes things look easy.

“So really talented guy, great character also he’s a really nice guy and I think he’s gonna do great, especially at Sanford he’s got everything he needs so besides great striking he’s going to have wrestling, he’s going to have grappling, he’s just going to improve you know so much and get to the level that you need to get in MMA. It’s not enough just to be a great striker and Sanford MMA is where he’s going to get to that next level. So yeah I believe he’s going to be a great prospect and a future champion for sure.”

Do you agree with Vicente Luque? Does Ian Garry have the potential to become a future UFC champion?

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