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Volkanovski Names His Three Greatest Fighters In UFC History

UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski lists his top three greatest fighters of all time.

Volkanovski has proven his might and world-champion spirit, maintaining an outstanding record of 23-1. He remains a dominant force within the division as he continues to defend his belt.

The Aussie presents such an illustrious record that it comes as no surprise his top 3 fighters are some of the best competitors in their respective divisions.

“The Great” Recognizes Greatness

In an interview with, Volkanovski revealed his list along with his rationale.

Volkanovski explained that the word greatest “really depends on how you look at it. You look at legacy, fighting, and then you can look at accomplishments. But then at the end of the day, there’s a lot that comes into it.”

Conor McGregor

“The Notorious” kicks off the list. He flaunts a long list of outstanding accomplishments that forged his legacy. With 19 knockouts in his 22 victories, he devastated the competition in the featherweight division prior to also claiming lightweight gold, leading him to hold both belts simultaneously.

“McGregor’s going to obviously have to be in that conversation because you talk about being successful. Does he do some silly things sometimes? Is he a role model? But at the same time, look at the legacy he’s left behind. Look at the money he’s made. He’s successful. He doesn’t even have to fight anymore. Even after this career, we fighters need to have goals, and he showed that. He’s raised the bar when you look at it that way,” Volkanovski said.

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Conor McGregor, Image Credit: Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre

When the topic of GOAT status is brought up, the name Georges St-Pierre is likely to pop up a few times. Although fans have not seen his talents in the Octagon since 2017, he is still regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Georges St-Pierre, Photo Credit: UFC

St-Pierre also sports the double-champ title, as he won the middleweight and welterweight championships during his UFC stint.

“Then you’ve got guys like GSP who just did everything right. Was true to himself and then was able to still be the man. He’s still got a great legacy and he didn’t have to be someone he wasn’t. That’s something that I look up to and I think is pretty incredible. Has the game changed? Yeah, it has. Have things changed? Yeah, it has. But I mean, for him to do what he’s done and be in the position he is right now, he’s pretty incredible, and be the person he was the whole time I admire that,” Volkanovski explained.

Israel Adesanya

To finish Adesanya’s list is defending UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya. “The Stylebender’s” astonishing UFC career has created an array of headlines.

“These are the conversations I’m starting to have now. And even before Izzy was in the UFC, the vision he had of talking about legacy and capturing moments. It took me two years of being the champ to be like, “oh, you know what? Let’s raise the bar.’ Because before I was just me. I’m just a humble dude.

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya, Photo Credit: Courtesy Image

“So to see guys like Izzy, doing what he’s doing. Even right now being true to himself and being still the loyal man he is. Yeah, A lot of people don’t get to see that, but he’s one loyal dude. Family man.  And at the same time, he’s got a lot of eyes on him and he’s doing his thing. And whether you like it or not, he’s going to do it. And the eyes are on him, so you’ve got to respect that,” Volkanovski said.

Adesanya continues to thrive, defending his belt 4 times since it was donned on him in 2019. Undefeated at middleweight, many other contenders in the division are starving to fight him for the title.

Volkanovski appreciates each fighter’s ability to raise the bar and put on outstanding performances. However, he mainly respects their individual climbs to the top.

Currently, Volkanovski stands at two impressive title defenses. On April 9, he faces The Korean Zombie at UFC 273. And someday, Volkanovski hopes to achieve GOAT status himself.

“Just being champ isn’t enough,” Volkanovski said. ”Yeah, I’m successful. I’m lucky to be in the position I am now, but it doesn’t end here. I’m still fighting for something. Something more. I want more than that. I want that GOAT status. GOAT of the featherweight division. Double champ status. Full stop GOAT of the UFC. It was something that I didn’t really care for before, where now I’m really coming into my own and I really want that type of legacy”.

What are your thoughts on Alexander Volkanovski’s top 3 greatest fighters?

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