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Widow Speaks On Abrupt Death Of MMA Fighter Christian Lubenga

Margaret Anderson, the widow of amateur MMA fighter Christian Lubenga who passed after his first fight, spoke about their life together and the impact of his unexpected death.

Christian Lubenga was a man of many talents.

Aside from following his mixed martial arts dream, he was a graduate student who spoke 6 different languages. And, he was one semester away from completing his Master’s degree in Business Analytics at the University of Bridgeport.

But, most importantly, he was a loving father and husband.

Christian Lubenga and his son Gabby, Photo Credit: Margaret Anderson

His first MMA bout took place at AMMO Fight League 10 on March 12. After the bout, Lubenga was sent to the hospital and died two days later.

The death was a shock to his coaches, teammates, and of course his wife, Margaret Anderson. Faculty at the University of Bridgeport, where Lubenga also studied martial arts, were saddened by his death.

To Anderson, he was a star that brightened up any space. They did almost everything together, and Lubenga made her feel loved in every moment.

They met in the Democratic Republic of Congo and continued their life from there, moving to a few places before settling in New Haven, Connecticut.

She experienced an array of emotions as she watched her husband slowly fade. Lubenga was hooked up to machines following the head trauma that ensued after his fight debut, which ended in his defeat via 3rd round TKO.

Anderson is immensely proud of all her husband accomplished from getting acclimated to the United States to pursuing his educational dreams. She questioned the barbaric nature of mixed martial arts but still supported Lubenga as he supported her.

She promises to tell their son, Gabby, all the incredible aspects of his father.

A piece of Lubenga is left behind in Gabby. However, the emptiness caused by his unexpected death remains.

Christian Lubenga and his family, Photo Credit:  Margaret Anderson

“He was an incredible person and an incredible human. There’s a void, and I don’t know how to fill it,” said Anderson. (h/t NH Register)

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