Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Zingano Awards “Overcoming Loss” Scholarship To A Student in Alabama

Former UFC veteran Cat Zingano awarded Destiny Wallace from Birmingham, AL the $10,000 she won for her participation in the “Overcoming Loss” scholarship.

Zingano created the scholarship in 2021 on Bold.org. It is meant to support students suffering from loss. The Bellator fighter knows firsthand what it is like to still keep moving after losing someone important.

Tragically, her mother died of brain cancer in 2005. It was a devastating time, but Zingano continued to push through.

While dealing with her mother’s death, she still went to her college classes, kept up with her job, and prepared for the birth of her son.

Unfortunately, more tragedy seeped into Zingano’s life. In 2014, her husband became a victim of suicide. He was a major part of her MMA career, as he coached and supported her.

Cat Zingano with husband and son
Cat Zingano with husband and son, Photo Credit: Cat Zingano

And again, Zingano kept pushing. At 39 years old, she continues to fight as a mixed martial artist, proving to her son that it is possible to conquer some of life’s most difficult challenges.

The “Overcoming Loss” scholarship is Zingano’s opportunity to help those who are grieving but still want to pursue their ambitions. A life struck by tragedy can persevere and Zingano wants to support that.

Out of the thousands of applications submitted, there was only one winner. Destiny Wallace submitted a heartfelt essay explaining the grief she and her brother experienced after their mother’s tragic passing.

“I’m extremely humbled and honored to have met Destiny and to be able to help support her on her journey. She is a bright and driven young woman who is pursuing a future in helping people, taking direction from all the tough times she’s been through. Her strength is remarkable and I believe she will do great things.”(h/t FightMag)

Wallace is a student at Auburn University at Montgomery. She hopes that her story can be heard by others with similar experiences.

What are your thoughts on Cat Zingano’s “Overcoming Loss” scholarship?

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