Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Alexander Volkanovski Goes On NYC Victory Tour Post-UFC 273

Alexander Volkanovski can finally travel around and show off his UFC championship belt.

Volkanovski is quickly becoming one of the best fighters ever to hold the UFC featherweight belt. He won the title back in Dec. of 2019 and really didn’t have much time to enjoy it before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Volkanovski is an Australian native and as many may be aware, Australia was one of the strictest countries when it came to lockdown.

Volkanovski has now defended his title three times and is taking a much-deserved victory tour. He was recently in New York City where he got the chance to show off the belt at a couple of historic locations which he documented on his YouTube channel.

On his trip, the champ visited Yankee Stadium where he got all decked out in Yankees gear. Next, he set off to Time Square and later visited the notorious Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn. Gleason’s gym was at one time, host to all-time great fighters like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Volkanovski even took in an authentic slice of New York Pizza.

Alexander Volkanovski

Although most of his trip was tourism and fun, he did have to make a stop at the doctor along the way. Following his UFC 273 fight with Chan Sung Jung, Volkanovski was having some lingering problems with his hand. He spoke a bit about just how hard the head of his opponent Jung was in the fight.

“I was feeling it while I was punching him, in both hands actually. This hand’s recovered good. I remember just jabbing and boom, nothing but solid head, knocking his head right back. My knuckles were hurting through the wraps and gloves,” Volkanovski said.

Even though Volkanovski is fresh off his win at UFC 273, he already has his next opponent set and it is a familiar one. He will be facing Max Holloway for the third time at UFC 276 in July.

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