Thursday, May 26, 2022

BJ Penn: MMA Is Not A Career, It’s An Opportunity

BJ Penn is sending some words of wisdom to the younger generation.

BJ Penn had a very successful run in the UFC. He was a multiple-division champion and beat some of the best fighters in the world. At 43 years old, Penn’s fighting days may be behind him and he is looking toward new opportunities. Some may say his career as an MMA fighter was a successful one, but Penn may not agree that it was a career at all.

The former champion spoke recently to Joe Rogan on his podcast to shed some light on fighting for a living.

I wanna say that to all of those fighters out there. Some of you guys are going to be world champions, some of you guys are going to make a lot of money, but let me remind all of you guys, MMA is not a career, it’s an opportunity,” Penn said via Essentially Sports. “And you go out and make the most of your opportunity when you get the chance.”

Penn began fighting in the UFC back in 2001. Over the course of 18 years, he fought in four different weight classes and won championships in two. The ending of his stint in the UFC was not as successful as the beginning of it. He ended his UFC run with seven straight losses. With such a long, storied run in the UFC, he is now taking all he learned and passing it along.

Penn is now shifting gears and trying his hand in politics. Penn is currently running for Governor of his home state of Hawaii. He recently registered to run as a Republican. He spoke about this as well as the Joe Rogan Experience.

It is of note, however, that over the last several years Penn has found himself in trouble with the law with a DUI that was later dropped and fighting in public on several occasions.

What do you think of BJ Penn’s advice to his fellow fighters?

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