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Cejudo Tells Sterling To His Face He’ll Get Finished Within Three Rounds

Henry Cejudo expects his Octagon return to mirror his exit.

On May 9, 2020, Henry Cejudo walked away from the sport of MMA after TKOing Dominick Cruz in the second round at UFC 249. Exactly two years to the day, a video was published with Cejudo standing across from his targeted return opponent, informing him that the same fate awaits him.

After all the teasing, trolling, and trash-talking, Henry Cejudo finally looks ready to actually return to active competition. Although Alexander Volkanovski has been Cejudo’s target for some time now, Triple C’s menacing gaze has recently shifted over to “The FunkMaster” and reigning UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling.

Aljamain Sterling Dana White April 10
Aljamain Sterling Dana White

There was no need for a gaze shift during a face-to-face interview moderated by Daniel Cormier, where Cejudo had the opportunity to invite Sterling into his home and tell the man what he thought of him straight to his face.

Cejudo To Sterling: “You Ain’t Making It Past Three”

Among the things Cejudo told Sterling is that he has respect for him; his potential is still untapped; he has noticeable holes in his game; and, perhaps most notably, that should the two meet in the Octagon, Sterling will be finished within three rounds, just as Dominick Cruz was before him.

“Dominick Cruz is very beatable. Very beatable,” Cejudo said after Sterling praised Cruz’s resurgence. “He doesn’t impress me at all. He leaves his legs behind. Like, all that movement (is) unnecessary. And I’ve shown that.

“I told Dominick Cruz that he ain’t making it past three, and I’m gonna tell Aljamain Sterling that now. You ain’t making it past three, either.”

Sterling took Cejudo’s words in stride, noting that it’s a good thing to have confidence. He also has become accustomed to being habitually doubted, so these remarks from Cejudo were par for the course for the reigning champion.

“It’s just funny to hear this,” Sterling said with a smile. “It’s like, alright, just do your best, do your worst, and bring what you gotta bring because, at the end of the day, I’ve heard a lot of people say all these things about me. And it’s this, ‘He can’t do this, he got no power, he can’t strike, he can’t take me down, he’s a D-3 wrestler,’ and I just keep shutting everybody the fuck up.”

Cejudo re-entered the USADA testing pool last month, which means he’ll be eligible to compete near the end of the year.

However, by then, Sterling will likely have already either been booked or have recently competed against one of the two other contenders who have caught his eye: José Aldo and the current frontrunner to be his next opponent: T.J. Dillashaw.

That being said, depending on when Sterling’s next fight happens, he may still have an opening for a third fight in 2022 against a returning and very well-rested “Triple C.”

You can view the full face-to-face interview between Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling as moderated by Daniel Cormier below.

Do you think Henry Cejudo would finish Aljamain Sterling within three rounds?

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