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Chael Sonnen Puts Covington In Top Five Welterweights Of All Time List

In regards to the five greatest welterweights of all time, Colby Covington is in that conversation according to ex-UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen recently took to his YouTube channel and discussed Jon Anik giving out his top five welterweights of all time list. Anik mentioned Covington in that list, despite Covington never having been an undisputed UFC champion.

“The American Gangster” said he couldn’t agree more, saying Covington deserves to be mentioned alongside names such as Kamaru Usman, Georges St-Pierre, and others.

“Jon Anik was asked about his list of the top five welterweights ever. He put all the names you think. He paid homage to the ‘GSPs’ and Tyron Woodleys.

“Of course, you can’t talk about that without mentioning Matt Hughes. He did put Colby Covington, Covington who has never been champion of the world.

“He’s the only non-champion of the world in Jon’s list. Jon is absolutely right. Covington is top five ever.”

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

Currently, Usman reigns as the king of the UFC’s 170-pound division. Covington has been on the losing end of both of his bouts with “The Nigerian Nightmare.” Sonnen believes, if Usman wasn’t in the UFC, Covington would be the UFC champion today.

“I’m fully convinced at 170lbs in any other era, Colby Covington is champion of the world. Dana White went as far as to say if Kamaru Usman didn’t exist then Colby is the world champion.

“I watched Covington have an interim championship in which he never lost. He woke up one day and wasn’t champion. I watched him beat the reigning ‘BMF’ champion [Masvidal] and not become the BMF champion.”

Covington has only ever lost twice since 2015, with both of those losses coming to Usman. In their first fight in December of 2019, Usman finished Covington in the fifth round of their contest.

Their rematch this past November was even closer than their first bout, but Usman still emerged on top with a unanimous decision win. With a win over Jorge Masvidal this past March, Covington is hoping to climb back up to a welterweight title shot, even if he needs to make a pit stop or two along the way first.

What do you think of Chael Sonnen putting Covington in the top five welterweights of all time list? Sound off in the comments!

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