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Daniel Cormier To Ferguson: “You Gotta Go Away For A Little Bit, Man”

Daniel Cormier thinks Tony Ferguson should go away for a little bit after his recent knockout loss.

Both Cormier and Ferguson have been exchanging words through social media with one another the past few weeks. It all started ahead of UFC 274 when Ferguson mocked Cormier’s “towelgate” weigh-in after Charles Oliveira missed weight.

This sparked a back-and-forth between the pair on Twitter. Ferguson underhandedly accused Cormier of taking drugs, and “DC” responded by taking a slight jab at “El Cucuy’s” fresh second-round knockout loss to Michael Chandler.

Now, speaking on a new episode of “DC & RC,” Cormier has again addressed the situation. Cormier explained a recent incident he had with Ferguson while trying to interview him for his YouTube channel.

Cormier believes the hostility on Ferguson’s end comes due to his friendship with Khabib Nurmagomedov – Ferguson’s longtime rival.

“What he’s talking about is ‘enjoy my retirement with Khabib [Nurmagomedov],’” Cormier said. “That is one of the biggest issues that I have had with Tony Ferguson. Literally my relationship with Khabib.

“I did an interview with him for my YouTube channel the other day and we’re talking off air and it was fine. We spoke about wrestling, our heroes, all these great things. The interview starts and he immediately brings up Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“As we’re going forward in the interview, I ask him a follow-up question on that. I go, ‘Tony, do you think maybe you should live in the now? Not worry about Khabib?

“That’s a confrontation you never got to have.’ He threatened to walk off the interview and now he comes at me. Bro, what’re you worried about me for?”

Cormier: “This Dude Is Trippin’

Daniel Cormier and Tony Ferguson

Cormier then addressed Ferguson’s accusation that “DC” does drugs. More specifically, cocaine. The former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion said he didn’t appreciate those comments, especially being a family man.

He then went on to suggest that Ferguson take some time away after having created riffs between himself and the likes of Joe Rogan, Nurmagomeodv, Cormier, and more.

“It’s like he has these issues with Khabib and because of these issues with Khabib, he continues to come at me which I don’t quite understand,” Cormier said. “When you lose in the way that he did, you gotta go away for a little bit, man.

“Like, take some time, recover, get your mind back in a place where you can compete effectively instead of trying to fight with the guy that commentates the fight. He attacked me, he attacked [Joe] Rogan, he attacked everybody but Jon Anik.

“Which is very weird because one time we got into a fighter meeting and he wouldn’t speak to Jon Anik! So the guy’s just all over the place. It’s kind of crazy, dude needs to take a break and rest and recover.

“Because this dude’s trippin’. When you start to accuse a guy of drug use, now you’re starting to play a different game because obviously we’re family men and I don’t do stuff like that and I’ve never done that.

“So it’s like hard for someone to say something like that to me.”

After his UFC 274 loss to Chandler, Ferguson is now looking for a new gym to call home. It seems safe to say the American Kickboxing Academy is not a strong favorite to land “El Cucuy.”

What do you make of the ongoing issues between Tony Ferguson and Daniel Cormier? Sound off in the comments!

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