Friday, May 27, 2022

Watch: Female Fan Rushes Octagon At UFC 274, Instantly Regrets It

An overzealous female fan stormed the Octagon during Saturday’s UFC 274 pay-per-view and instantly regretted it.

After missing weight and then losing to Piera Rodriguez at last month’s UFC 273, strawweight Kay Hansen was granted her walking papers from the premier MMA organization.

Some fans may have thought, at first glance, that Hansen had decided to take out her frustrations on the promotion by disrupting the UFC 274 event. That’s because her doppelganger attempted to do precisely that. Check out the TikTok madness below.

The video begins with the female voicing her intentions and being encouraged by her negative influence of a pal to follow through on it. After leaping onto the edge of the Octagon, a security guard flung her down to the floor like a hockey puck.

The incident occurred immediately after Oliveira’s submission victory over Gaethje in the main event. Perhaps this impulsive decision was a delayed reaction to the Namajunas/Esparza co-main event, which may have driven the fan to temporary madness.

There is no word yet on if any further action was taken on the fan aside from being checked by the security official. Should further updates become available, we shall keep you in the loop!

What are your thoughts on Kay Hansen’s doppelganger rushing the UFC Octagon??

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