Monday, May 16, 2022

MMA Fighter Praises Russia’s War W/ Ukraine, Wants To “Kill Anybody”

Czech MMA fighter Filip Grznár has been prosecuted for recent comments he made praising Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Many current and former combat sports athletes around the world have expressed support for Ukraine amidst the ongoing crisis. However, Grznár appears to be on the other side of the issue.

During a since-deleted video uploaded to Facebook, Grznár explained why he sees nothing wrong with war and appeared to welcome a conflict in his home country.

“There is no right in a war. In a war, you can commit angry crime, which I like, it’s a dream,” Grznár said. “And only the strongest will survive. I just want there to be a war in the Czech Republic. I want a war. It’s the only freedom, because you know you can grab at any time and kill anyone at the same time. And that’s just good. I want a war in the Czech Republic and I will do everything for it.” (h/t Bloody Elbow)

Grznár ‘s comments raised the eyebrows of Czech police, who have charged him with inciting crime. He faces a maximum of two years in jail if found guilty.

This isn’t the first time Grznár has made controversial statements. In 2017, he made insensitive remarks about gypsies, alluding to his desire to murder them.

Grznár hasn’t competed in MMA since a second-round knockout of Jaroslav Olah at I Am Fighter 3 last November. He has accumulated a 1-2 professional record in the cage.

You can watch Grznár ‘s bout against Olah below.

What are your thoughts on Filip Grznar’s comments?

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