Sunday, June 26, 2022

IMMAF World Champion Julia Dorny Featured In Women Empowerment Promotion Film

Julia Dorny is looking to inspire other female fighters in the world by showing her strengths.

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has created a short film to inspire strong women around the world. The IMMAF and World Champion Julia Dorny came together to put out a short 90-second film called “You Are Strong.” This film shows Dorny speaking right to the people with a motivational, and inspiring message that people should be themselves and not listen to the hate or comments of others.

In this short film, directed by Berlin-based director Lasse Buchhop Dorny is speaking directly to the audience. She explains different scenarios where outside opinions of her might have steered her life in a different direction other than fighting but encouraged people to follow their own dream, as she did in fighting.

Dorny had a long history of fighting in the IMMAF World Championships as an amateur and her most recent fight was a loss to Jeslen Mishelle in the PFL Challenger Series. She is currently the number one ranked fighter in her division out of her home country of Germany and has a background in judo, MMA, and sumo wrestling.

“I like to think of myself as a catalyst. It fulfills me to devote every aspect of my life to inspire and strengthen people, especially women.” Dorny said via the IMMAF.

The purpose of the film is to inspire and empower women not only in MMA but in their everyday lives. IMMAF president Kerrith Brown spoke about what this project and women’s MMA mean to the organization as a whole.

“IMMAF is proud to present this unique film driven by IMMAF veteran Julia Dorny, as an organization committed to the advancement of women’s sport. Our dynamic Women’s Commission has been at the forefront of enabling the establishment of women’s MMA commissions around the world, while we have seen year-on-year growth in women’s participation.” Brown said.

“We are also proud to have been the driving force for first-time participation of women in MMA and combat sports in a number of our member counties, including Russia, Tajikistan, and in the Middle East. While amateur MMA is an inclusive sport, we do not underestimate the ongoing challenges presented by prejudice and discrimination, and the personal strength required to overcome it. We are pleased to give voice to Julia’s experience and message on the IMMAF platform, which will reflect the experiences of and hopefully inspire many others”

This short film can be seen on any of the IMMAF social media platforms and on YouTube.

Did you like this short film starring Julia Dorny?

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