Monday, May 16, 2022

Irish MMA Fighter Has $75K Road Injury Claim KO’D After Winning Two Fights

An Irish MMA fighter has been denied almost $75,000 in damages after he was found to have won two fights following his road injury claim.

Wayne Tansey, a 37-year-old featherweight fighting out of Dublin, claimed to have been injured in a 2014 road accident caused by an 87-year-old driver. But his case fell apart in an Irish court after a cross examination revealed that Tansey had claimed back-to-back victories just months after the accident.

“Do you know a Ciaron Stapleton?” defense attorney Michael Murray asked Tansey. “Yes, and you fought him in December in an MMA cage and beat him at a time when boxers were allowed to knee each other.”

Wayne Tansey

Murray revealed to the court that a private investigator had sniffed out that Tansey, despite allegedly suffering grave injuries, not only got the w against Stapleton, but after a quick turnaround, went on to claim a second successive victory in February 2015.

“Now, eight years later you are telling this court that the road traffic collision you were involved in still causes you pain,” continued Murray. “Are you taking us for mugs here?”

Judge O’Donohue subsequently dismissed Tansey’s case and ordered him to leave the court immediately. A woman who accompanied Tansey to the court hearing was also thrown out.

Given that the judge had earlier heard that Tansey was quick to temper and had a prior conviction for assault, he asked his legal team to ensure the 37-year-old made his way completely outside the court premises.

“I want them on the street,” ordered Judge O’Donohue.

What’s your reaction to Wayne Tansey’s bumbling attempt to score $75K?

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