Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cannonier On Viral Clip: I’m Not Interested In Being Part Of The Circus

Jared Cannonier is not ready to be in the partying crowd while sitting cageside at a UFC event.

One perk of being a UFC fighter is you get to attend events and sit cageside. Seats that close to the action are exciting and can sometimes be pretty rowdy. This is something that Jared Cannonier found out firsthand.

He was in the crowd watching UFC 274 this past Saturday night when the camera zoomed in on him. He was surrounded by fellow fighters Molly McCann, Paddy Pimbeltt, and Ajamain Sterling. What happened next was very amusing to all except Cannonier by the looks of it.

Cannonier was asked about this moment after the fight.

“I’m there to watch the fights. I’m there to watch the circus, not be a part of the circus,” Cannonier told The MMA Hour via Sportskeeda. “No offense to anyone involved. I respect each and every one of my cohorts. I’m just doing me, man. They’re doing them. That’s me. I’m staying in my zone, staying in my energy, protecting my energy.

“I really don’t like being surrounded by a lot of people that I don’t know, who I’m not familiar with, who I don’t trust. I guess it’s a stigma that I picked up from the Army. I don’t like being around a lot of people.”

Cannonier has a big fight coming up. It was just announced that he will be taking on middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in Cannonier’s first title fight. That fight will be taking place at UFC 276 in July.

Cannonier seems like a very serious guy, and if he has begun his training for his title fight, he may be more subdued than ever. That is not the case for the other three, who are coming off recent wins.

“They were rowdy, especially Molly,” he said. “They’re cool, they’re all cool. I got no qualms with any of them … But Molly, every time I looked up at the screen I saw her drink hovering above my head. Yeah man, me and my wife got a bit of beer on the back of us but no biggie, it’s all good. They didn’t pour a whole beer, they didn’t douse us. We got spritzed a bit every now and then.”

McCann and Pimblett are two fresh faces in the UFC, and their character and wild nature are what make them fan favorites.

Would you want to sit with McCann, Pimblett, and Sterling at a UFC event?

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