Thursday, July 7, 2022

Kayla Harrison: It’s ‘Unfortunate” That Amanda Nunes left ATT

Kayla Harrison has given her opinion on Amanda Nunes’ departure from American Top Team.

After losing her bantamweight championship, Amanda Nunes is looking to make some changes. She recently announced that she has left her longtime home gym of American Top Team in Florida to go out on her own. ATT is the home to many high-caliber athletes and at times there can be problems that arise.

Nunes initially didn’t specify a particular reason for leaving other than having her own space and stated that she would still frequent ATT on occasion. However, Nunes has since come out and admitted that Harrison’s presence and some of her past comments also factored into her decision to exit.

Now, Kayla Harrison has spoken out about Nunes’ decision recently in an interview with talkSPORT.

“Listen, Amanda’s choices are her choices, I have no idea. She didn’t ask for my advice before she did it [laughs]. Because I would have said don’t go,” Harrison said. “I saw an interview with her after her last fight where she said she didn’t feel safe in her territory or something. I feel like that’s unfortunate for her because, to me, if you want to be the best, you have to train with the best.”

Even though Nunes and Harrison trained together, Harrison is now targeting a potential bout with Nunes. They are not in the same organization but Harrison is seeking a cross-promotional bout.

Nunes will be back in action later this year at UFC 277 following a season coaching on The Ultimate Fighter across from champ Julianna Peña. Harrison recently kicked off her 2022 PFL season with a victory over Marina Mokhnatkina earlier this month at PFL 3.

Do you think we will see Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison fight one day?

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