Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kayla Harrison Offers To Take Julianna Peña Under Her Mentorship

Kayla Harrison is offering to help Julianna Peña with her business.

Two of the most powerful women in MMA today are UFC bantamweight champion Julianna Peña and reigning PFL champion Kayla Harrison. These two have been battling it out with words recently but Harrison has also been campaigning to battle it out with Peña inside the cage.

Harrison had teased a cross-promotional bout with Peña, but she recently re-signed with PFL, thus making the chances of them fighting slim. However, Harrison is willing to link up with Peña outside of the cage, to discuss business after Peña took a shot at Harrison for trash-talking when ‘she knows the fight could never happen.’

“This is the stuff I hate. I encourage Julianna to really understand the business, and how contracts work especially for her sake because I don’t think she gets paid what probably she should get paid,” she told Morning Kombat (h/t Middle Easy).

Harrison has taken some heat from Peña as of late. She was criticizing the level of competition that she has faced so far at PFL. Peña has also commented on Amanda Nunes’ departure from American TopTeam, the gym that Harrison currently trains out of. Despite the hits from Peña, Harrison is still willing to share some financial insights.

“I encourage her to reach out. She can ask me for help if she needs it on how to get your worth and not sign seven-year contracts and not sign your life away to a promotion,” she added. “I have nothing but respect for her.”

Peña is a new champion and is heading straight to her first title defense. She will rematch Nunes after this current season of The Ultimate Fighter. The first task is Amanda Nunes, then perhaps she can tackle the shots coming from Harrison.

What do you think of Kayla Harrison’s offer to help Julianna Peña?

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