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Kayla Harrison On Her PFL Rise: “I Don’t Want To Be Famous”

PFL women’s lightweight champ Kayla Harrison has revealed that she has no interest in pursuing the fame that comes with being one of MMA’s biggest female stars.

In the past year, Harrison’s star has risen to stratospheric heights as she continues to dominate her opponents in spectacular fashion. The two-time Olympic judo gold medalist remains unbeaten in 12 professional MMA fights and has been touted by many as a possible future women’s GOAT.

Perhaps validating Harrison’s star power more than anything were the many lucrative offers she received while testing free agency earlier this year. The 31-year-old was courted by both Bellator and the UFC, with the latter making a “historic offer” to secure her services. But Harrison ultimately chose to remain in the PFL, inking a multi-year deal that, according to her manager Ali Abdelaziz, makes her “the highest-paid female mixed martial artist ever.”

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Kayla Harrison Says She Isn’t Interested In Fame

During her months testing the waters of free agency, Harrison has revealed that she had plenty of time to reflect on her career. Particularly, on the fame that has accompanied her PFL rise and which beckons in the future. Speaking to MMA Underground, the former judoka says she had an epiphany about what really motivates her to succeed as a fighter.

“I think one of the biggest realizations I had during free agency is that I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be the best,” said Harrison. “And I think that was something maybe I always questioned about myself, like; ‘Do you just want everyone to love you? Like, is this a popularity contest for you? Do you just want to be a star?’ But I don’t…I don’t, I just want to be the best, and If I never get all the other stuff, I’m OK with it.”

Harrison will return to action for the first time since October by facing Marina Mokhnatkina at PFL 3 on May 6.

What do you think? Is Kayla Harrison destined to become the best female MMA fighter?

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