Friday, June 24, 2022

Khabib Accepts Tony Ferguson’s Offer To Coach TUF Together

Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is open to the idea of coaching The Ultimate Fighter against his former rival Tony Ferguson.

Ferguson most recently lost to Michael Chandler on the UFC 274 main card just weeks ago. He suffered a second-round knockout for his fourth-straight defeat in the Octagon.

Ferguson and Nurmagomedov had been linked to fight on a series of occasions during their respective careers. Unfortunately, the fight never came to fruition and Nurmagomedov retired following his win over Justin Gaethje at UFC 254.

In the leadup to his fight against Chandler, Ferguson continued to poke the bear and attack Nurmagomedov in various interviews. Despite Nurmagomedov retiring from fighting, Ferguson still wants to compete against him in a different fashion.

During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Ferguson pitched the idea of coaching against Nurmagomedov on a future season of TUF.

“I believe that when his dad [Khabib’s] said we were supposed to compete, I believe that. I would love to be able to coach against him in The Ultimate Fighter, how about that? You know, best man wins on the team. I guarantee my coaching is a lot better than yours, Khabib. Not a lot of people understand that.”

“I built a team for a 12-fight win streak, and I can definitely build a team again.”

“I have nothing personal against him, besides him running away for the pandemic and being a scared dude, but I gotta respect that family [comes] first…

“Jiu-jitsu, soccer, it doesn’t matter what game we play. It would be cool to go out there, shake the dude’s hand, squash some beef, and then move on.” (h/t

After hearing Ferguson’s comments, Nurmagomedov responded on Twitter and not only accepted the offer but also offered to sign him to Eagle FC.

“Tony I like the idea about TUF, call your bosses and let them make an offer, but if they don’t have ideas, I myself will offer you a deal on the [Eagle FC] platform, we doing some business here you know,” Nurmagomedov tweeted.

Ferguson then replied on Twitter and appeared to revamp his beef with the former champion Nurmagomedov.

“We’re Private Contractors Fathead Remember? We Can Smell Ya From All The Way Over Here Lay Of The Sweets Meat Head,” Ferguson replied. “Now You Work For Me, BTW You Still Owe Me 200K & 20 Push-Up For The Homeless Keep Runnin’ It’s Tiramisu Tuesday- Champ -CSO- Merica MF.”

Nurmagomedov has turned his attention to coaching fighters such as lightweight contender Islam Makhachev, while also promoting Eagle FC. He has shut the door on returning to MMA despite a recent offer to fight Georges St-Pierre.

Ferguson and Nurmagomedov were long tabbed as the two best UFC lightweights, but a fight between them never materialized. However, it appears that fans could get the next best thing if both sides follow through on their interest in coaching TUF.

Do you think we’ll see Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson coach against one another on The Ultimate Fighter?

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