Thursday, July 7, 2022

Leavitt Expects Riots When He ‘Twerks On’ Crowd After Beating Pimblett

UFC lightweight Jordan Leavitt is relishing the opportunity to bust out some moves in front of Paddy Pimblett’s home crowd this summer.

On July 23, the UFC will cross the Atlantic for its second UK-held card of 2022. The first is widely regarded as one of the most memorable events of the year so far, in large part due to the exploits of rising star Pimblett.

Making his second appearance inside the Octagon, the former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion thrilled fans inside The O2 through his walkout, performance, and post-fight celebration.

He’ll look to repeat all of the above when he makes his way to London for the second time this year to face Leavitt. But “The Monkey King,” who knows a thing or two about post-fight dancing himself, recently gave a pretty bleak assessment of Pimblett’s skills when it comes to throwing some shapes.

When asked who has the better moves, him or “The Baddy,” during an interview with The Schmo, Leavitt suggested that the Brit is no competition to him in that regard.

“It’s gonna be, man. I just have better rhythm, I’m a little bit more loose,” said Leavitt. “But he’s got the spirit. He’s a bit confused, but he’s got the spirit. I kinda dig it.”

While The O2 crowd was graced with some ‘father of the bride on the dance floor at a wedding reception’ moves from their compatriot earlier this year, it seems they could be in for some more eccentric moves on July 23 should Leavitt have his way.

“I’m kind of excited, ’cause they’re (The O2 crowd) gonna get quiet when I finish the fight. And they’re probably gonna riot when I throw a twerk on them. So I’m excited, I’m really excited to meet him (Pimblett). I think he’s hilarious, I think he fight’s gonna be a lot of fun, and I’m intrigued to see how it’s gonna go.”

With four finishes in their five combined wins inside the Octagon, it seems likely that Leavitt and Pimblett won’t go the distance at UFC London. What’s even more likely, though, is that the victor will be putting on a memorable show for the UK crowd, both in-fight and post-fight.

Who do you think will be bringing out some victory dance moves at UFC London, Jordan Leavitt or Paddy Pimblett?

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