Sunday, June 26, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Finishes Opponent W/ Brutal Throat Punch

MMA fighter Bekbolot Abdylda Uulu earned one of the most unusual knockouts in recent memory at Alash Pride 74 on Tuesday.

Uulu squared off against Ibrahim Aslan Sezer in a lightweight matchup on the Alash Pride 74 main card. Just about a minute into their fight, Uulu landed a hook to Sezer’s throat that left him agonizing in pain before Uulu finished the fight with a follow-up strike.

Watch Uulu finish the fight with a legal throat punch below.

Uulu’s throat punch created some debate amongst MMA fans about whether or not the strike was legal. It turns out the punch was legal because there wasn’t clear intent to hit Sezer’s throat. For the punch to be illegal, Uulu would’ve had to physically lift Sezer and throw a punch to the throat with clear intent.

Uulu came into the fight off of a win against Askhat Akimov at Alash Pride 73 back in March via a third-round knockout. He also had brief stints in Open FC and ACA.

Following Uulu’s finish, Teymur Zhaparov and Intizor Farmonboev competed in a flyweight title main event at Alash Pride 74.

What is your reaction to Bekbolot Abdylda Uulu’s unusual knockout?

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