Sunday, June 26, 2022

MMA Fighter Chases Down Stabbing Suspect In Vancouver

A Vancouver-based MMA fighter recently chased down a suspect accused of fatally stabbing a man outside of the nightclub Gallery Vancouver.

Proceedings at the establishment were winding down at about 3 a.m. when a couple of groups started “getting very loud and aggressive” according to Paymon Zanjani, the head of security at the club.

Speaking to The Daily Hive, Zanjani claimed that staff from the club attempted to disarm the situation and get the groups to calm down. The parties involved were apparently a mix of people that had just exited the club and ones that had been denied entry earlier in the night.

One group outnumbered the other, resulting in a member of the smaller group drawing a knife that eventually found its way into the hands of the suspect. The 24-year-old is alleged to have stabbed a 19-year-old victim he was fighting with. The victim died of his injuries later in the night after being taken to the hospital.

While the club staff called the police and an ambulance, the suspect fled the scene on foot. Navid Zanganeh, a member of the club’s security team described by Zanjani as a “world champion wrestler and MMA fighter,” pursued the suspect and immobilized him until law enforcement arrived.

The suspect is still in custody and the incident remains an open investigation being examined by the Vancouver Police Department.

The 25-year-old Zanganeh is a native of Iran who represented their U-23 freestyle wrestling team won the world stage on three difference occasions. He emigrated to Canada after being arrested for appearing at an anti-government rally in Iran, which resulted in him losing his spot on the country’s wrestling team.

Zanganeh was rumored to make his MMA debut for the Canada-based Battlefield Fight League in October 2021, but the fight never materialized for unknown reasons.

What’s your reaction to this news of an MMA fighter chasing down a stabbing suspect in Vancouver?

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