Friday, June 24, 2022

Michigan MMA Promotion Provides Counseling For Fighters, Military Vets

Total Warrior Combat is under new management, and the fight promotion is prioritizing efforts outside of the cage just as much as the fights it hosts inside the cage.

The Michigan-based MMA organization held its first event back in 2010 and had its most recent card last February. Since then, the promotion has been purchased by US Navy veteran James Greene, who hopes to use it as a platform to connect fighters and military veterans with mental health resources.

Greene co-owns TWC with his girlfriend and business partner Holly Nelson, who is also the CEO of the mental health program TruthMap.

“TruthMap Vets is our non-profit and the whole goal is to pair professional athlete with veterans,” Nelson said. “Essentially, we’ll put them through an emotional health and wellness program together because they have had similar experiences.”

The couple have moved the promotion north to Mt. Pleasant, MI from its previous home in Lansing. With the inaugural TWC 101: Hostile Takeover scheduled for June 4, Greene hopes this will be the first step in garnering more attention for their efforts to support fighters and veterans.

TWC will host their first event with Greene as president in June.

“It’s more than just for athletes, for veterans,” Greene said. “This is an initiative for the entire nation that we’re hoping people will support and get behind.”

TWC welterweight Adrian Hadribeaj is excited about the fight promotion’s new directive, noting the similarities between veterans and fighters that people from other walks of life might not be able to identify with.

“We are few of those people that we can be very low on the ground and we still know how to get up, fight back and win and achieve. So you know, that’s the same thing with veterans, those heroes you know? They have been fighting for this country for a long time,” said Hadribeaj.

TWC 101: Hostile Takeover will take place on June 4 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The event is headlined by a fight for the TWC welterweight championship between Hadribeaj and Kevin Brown.

What do you think of Total Warrior Combat’s plan to promote access to mental health resources for fighters and military veterans?

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