Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Namajunas Explains Social Media Avoidance: ‘It Doesn’t Make Me Happy’

UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Rose Namajunas has detailed why she chooses to keep a relatively quiet presence on social media and online.

Nowadays, Twitter beef and social media back and forth are perhaps the main ways in which feuds begin and stories develop. From callouts to insults, fans can usually be certain of waking up to some sort of exchange on the platform.

However, Namajunas, who has posted just one tweet since the start of 2022, doesn’t maintain the same high-profile activity as most other UFC champions, and the majority of fighters, period.

During a recent interview with Morning Kombat‘s Luke Thomas, Namajunas explained her approach to social media, which continues to grow and become a big part of many people’s day-to-day lives.

According to “Thug Rose,” the goal is to maintain control over herself and avoid putting on a facade. She believes those targets can become compromised with frequent posts and social media usage.

“I decided that—it’s just like, having that sense of control over yourself,” said Namajunas. “Because you feel the impulse, you feel the pressure to do that, and like, I don’t like that.

“I feel like if I—even though there is lots of positive things that come from social media, just opportunities or connecting with certain people, or connecting with your fans, sometimes you just start posting things that aren’t really true to yourself because you feel like you have to. And I never wanna feel like that,” asserted Namajunas.

Namajunas Explains “Careful” Social Media Approach

During the exchange, Thomas brought up the fact that two-time PFL women’s lightweight champion Kayla Harrison receives alerts when a story is posted about her.

In contrast, Namajunas said she has no interest in reading what people who don’t know her or her tribulations have to say.

“I also wanna really be careful about reading what people say about me because it’s like, they don’t have—they don’t walk in my shoes, they don’t know me, so they’re really going off assumptions and things—they don’t know me. So it really does me no good to put that into my head… It doesn’t really make me happy,” concluded Namajunas.

While she clearly enjoys a low-profile existence online, Namajunas will figure to be a key part of social media discussion this week as she preps for the second defense of her second title reign.

The strawweight queen will share the Octagon with former rival Carla Esparza in the UFC 274 co-main event. While she’ll be hoping to retain her gold in Arizona on May 7, “Thug Rose” will also have redemption on her mind having fallen to defeat against “Cookie Monster” back in 2014.

Is Rose Namajunas correct with her assessment of social media?

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