Thursday, May 19, 2022

Nate Diaz Orders UFC To “Send The Contract” For Michael Chandler Fight

Nate Diaz wants to meet Michael Chandler to finally close out his current UFC contract.

At UFC 274, Michael Chandler defeated Tony Ferguson in what is already the arguable frontrunner for knockout of the year. When Chandler was granted the microphone, he had plenty to share. One particular thing that stood out was his pitch for a potential fight against Conor McGregor at 170 lbs.

Someone who is very familiar with fighting Conor McGregor at 170 lbs. is one Nate Diaz, who tweeted out the following one day after UFC 274.

“July 30th, 170lbs.”

Diaz is well known for his cryptic tweets, so one can’t be certain that he was referring to a fight against Chandler. However, given the timing of the tweet, Chandler decided to act fast to prevent the unexpected money train from passing him by just in case.

“I’m there. Quick turn around. Spin your head on its axis,” Chandler said in response to Diaz.

“Hey @natediaz209 …shut up and stop complaining. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your head down until your daddy books a fight for you to get your sacrificial dome bounced off the canvas again. Maybe it’ll be me…if you’re lucky. See you at the top!” Chandler added.

If Chandler wanted to get Diaz’s attention, his attempt proved successful, as less than 48 hours later, Diaz posted the following response:

“UFC got me on ice for a year now chandlers obviously ready to fight send a contract it’s time.”

Diaz’s frustrations with the UFC brass about remaining unbooked for the final fight of his contract have been made public for several weeks now. Dana White recently revisited the idea of Diaz fighting Khamzat Chimaev, but Diaz remains insistent on calling his own shots.

Prior to Chandler, Diaz had targeted a fight against Dustin Poirier. Those talks stalled for undisclosed reasons. Perhaps he’ll have better luck with another lightweight willing to move up for a big fight in Michael Chandler.

As it happens, Dustin Poirier also teased interest in a fight against Chandler just yesterday. You’ll want to keep it locked here on MMA News to see who will be paired with the buzzing “Iron” Michael Chandler next.

Would you be interested in a fight between Michael Chandler and Nate Diaz?

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