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Ngannou: “He Became A Beast With Nothing”

Francis Ngannou is taking a look at one man who is pursuing a bodybuilding life without a real gym.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou knows a thing or two about being a beast. He is currently the number five ranked fighter on the UFC’s pound-for-pound list and holds wins over some of the best fighters in the world. Ngannou came from humble beginnings in his home country of Cameroon, Africa. He has spoken on occasion about his roots and tries to make a difference there whenever he can.

Recently on his YouTube Channel, Ngannou used his platform to shout out another man from Africa who is doing his best to become a bodybuilder without proper gym equipment. Ngannou was in awe of this man and took a moment to explain just how this man represents the African people and their determination.

Kulbila Samuel – Out & About NYC Magazine
Samuel Kulbila

“That is the good thing in Africa, that out of opportunity they became very creative and that’s impressive,” Ngannou explained in the video. “You go to Africa and see how kids do stuff, they create and even find a way to ease their transportation. The survival instinct automatically makes you become creative. Here (in the U.S) you are not creative because you don’t have to be.”

The man in the video is named Samuel Kulbila. Ngannou thought that showing this man and his perseverance could be a teachable moment. Ngannou went on to describe some of his own exercise practices and how he maintained his health during the lockdown.

Ngannou is currently recovering from a knee injury and in the video, he explained that he is not able to bend his knee just yet and has not lifted weights in a while. He said he was currently 280 pounds but fights at around 260.

You can view the video below.

What are your thoughts on Samuel Kulbila and his training in Africa?

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