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Oliveira Thinks Commission, Not UFC, Is To Blame For Missed Weight

Oliveira is speaking out about his missed weight at UFC 274.

Charles Oliveira was a dominant fighter coming into UFC 274. He had won ten in a row and was poised to be the lightweight champion for a while if he could continue his streak against Justin Gaethje. However, things change the day before the event.

During weigh-ins for UFC 274, Oliveira missed weight and subsequently was stripped of his title. Because of the miss, he was not eligible to leave the event as lightweight champion, but the show went on regardless.

Oliveira went on to win the fight but left the Footprint Center without the belt. In the meantime, there was a lot of speculation going on about the accuracy of the scale used at the official weigh-ins. Oliveira’s team, as well as many other fighters, spoke out about how they felt the scale was wrong. Even Dana White addressed this issue.

White explained that he believed that athletes touching the scale the night before is what led to the possible inaccuracy, and has made a plan going forward to address this issue.

“There’s so many moving parts to this beast of a machine that we run every week. We gotta have a security guard in there where the scale is now,” White explained. “It’s something we’re gonna have to do.”

Oliveira: “The UFC Is Not To Blame”

Oliveira himself is not placing blame on the UFC if this is fact the case for the official scale. he believes it is the athletic commission’s responsibility to make sure things are in perfect working order.

“I think the UFC is not to blame,” he said in an interview with Canal Encarada via “I think it is actually the athletic commission which is responsible for weigh-ins, right? I hit the weight on Thursday on the UFC scale. So that scale was changed, was removed, right?”

Oliveira believes he will be the next man to get a shot at his lost belt although a timeline for that has not been set. One thing he has said about his next title bout is that he hopes it will be in his home country of Brazil.

What are your thoughts on #ScaleGate?

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