Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Paul Felder Makes Shift To Triathlons And Is Featured In Documentary

Paul Felder is stepping out of the cage and into a new competition.

After a long and successful MMA career “The Irish Dragon” Paul Felder has retired from the sport. He announced that he would be stepping away from the fighting side of MMA while on commentary for the UFC Vegas 27 event in March of 2021.

Although Felder is no longer fighting, his competitive nature hasn’t left him. He is now focusing his time and effort on training and competing in triathlons.

Felder’s journey in triathlons is only beginning, but he has high aspirations. His path is being documented in a new docu-series on YouTube. The Professional Triathletes Organisation will be showing the series ‘Fighting Spirit’on their channel, the first episode is out now.

For those who don’t know, triathlons are races consisting of three disciplines, running, biking and swimming. There are different milage and some can be very long. Felder was shown in the first episode of the series jumping in with both feet as he signed up for his first race, a 70 miler called the IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside.

Former UFC fighter Paul Felder's transition to triathlon | MMA News | Sky  Sports

During his UFC career, Felder was known for his striking and endurance. He spoke about how he began running and biking to improve his cardio for fighting and now has upped his training for this new kind of challenge.

Felder has a goal to be the winner of his age group in a race one day. He joked during the show that his days of kicking have set him up nicely for the bike and running but needs to get the swimming portion of his race game up to snuff.

In the first episode, he completely shuts the door on ever returning to the UFC but will continue to be heard calling fights as part of the UFC commentary team while pursuing this new passion.

What do you think of this new athletic outlet of Paul Felder?

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